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Welcome to Group Synergy San Diego

GSSD is a firm that provides professional business services to a wide range of companies and job seekers. We are an executive Talent Acquisitions’ Consulting Firm that actively specializes in Career Development, Professional Executive Search Placement and Consulting services.

Group Synergy San Diego is committed to provide our clients higher success with our professional executive search placements. We provide excellence which is established through our Executive Search Professionals with extensive knowledge, trust and commitment. We actively collaborate with companies to build an efficient and solid work enviornment. We also provide outstanding services to our leading candidates through professional career coaching.

Today our global network of search professionals and leadership consultants maintains the enduring values with which GSSD was established—quality, client service, teamwork, integrity and the drive for excellence. They have led us to success, earning us the respect of both our peers and the leaders of industries we serve.

GSSD works closely with our clients and provides a wide variety of open positions for the talented candidate. We have established close relationships with our clients – small to mid size companies, along with fortune 500s’. We respectively provide specialties within a wide spectrum of diverse verticals including Finance/ Accounting, Engineering/ Project Management, Marketing/ Sales and more.

Our expertise in this industry enables us to target clients and candidates that are committed to develop and maintain career advancement and opportunities for growth. 

"They took us from #92 to #5 in a little under three months. Now that's what I call performance!"

-J Lee, Reardon and Co.

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